19 october 2022

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Business Analyst

Business Analyst

Key Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in Technology, Computer Science, Communications, Advertising, Marketing, Economics, Business Administration, Project Management, or a related field focused on the digital domain. Essential knowledge in digital technologies, custom developments, digital production processes, web development, and applications. Responsibilities: As a Digital Field Specialist, your responsibilities will include: Understanding the business model, strategic, and operational plans of the organization, and translating them into specific technical and functional requirements. Transforming organizational processes to achieve business goals through the design and efficiency of operation and governance models. Ensuring alignment with the organization's strategy by implementing automations, ensuring compliance, managing indicators, and establishing effective communication mechanisms. About You: The successful candidate will possess the following skills and attributes: Proficient in information collection and processing. Strong business analysis skills. Effective problem resolution capabilities. Assertive and timely communication skills. Teamwork and ability to engage in dialogue with clients and the work team. Computational skills, with the ability to use different office software. Critical thinking abilities to interpret, apply, analyze, and evaluate situations.