19 october 2022

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Documentation engineer

Documentation engineer

Key Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in Information Systems Engineering or a related field (or twice the specific experience requested). Clear understanding of the purpose of documentation. Excellent oral and written communication abilities. Attention to detail. Knowledge of product design. Experience with computer-aided design software. Mathematical skills. Experience with plans and diagrams. Interpersonal skills. Responsibilities: Establish and manage policies for the creation and administration of documents. Organize documentation in a logical, effective, and categorized manner. Develop technical and management strategies to ensure the conservation of information. Guarantee immediacy of consultation and access to information. Preserve and safeguard information through digitization. Optimize processes to achieve cost reduction and better time management. Implement strategies to reduce consultation time and increase security. Ensure full access to information and intelligent file custody. Utilize advanced Excel skills for data analysis and reporting. Apply knowledge of tools used in quality management (indicators, records, processes). Adhere to Quality standards and policies. About You: The successful candidate will be a highly experienced and detail-oriented professional with a background in information systems engineering and a keen understanding of effective documentation management. If you possess the required qualifications, including advanced skills in Excel and knowledge of quality management tools and standards, we encourage you to apply.